Tanker Solutions is the New Zealand distributor for some of the very best global petroleum equipment suppliers for tankers and tank trailers.

ALORD super light forged alloy wheels for trucks, trailers and buses.

BAXTERS electrical components for every auto electrical requirement in trucking and transport applications.

CIVACON tank truck products including API bottom loading adaptors, product delivery elbows, electronic overfill protection and a wide range of adaptors and couplers.

CIVACON Knappco and SureSeal specialist equipment specifically developed for the challenges of transporting dry bulk products.

CLA-VAL aviation fueling products including underwing couplers and hydrant pit valves.

CONTINENTAL CONTITECH industrial hoses and couplings for the brewing and beverage industries.

CORKEN P Series Pumps for Refined Petroleum Products and Industrial Solvents with flow rates from 100 to 1,000 litres per minute.

EAGLEVIEW Wireless Remote Control and Large LED Display for single handed bulk deliveries.

ELAFLEX a comprehensive range of hoses, hose couplings and nozzles for handling a wide variety of petroleum and other liquid chemical products.

FMC TECHNOLOGIES SeningŪ Level Gauging System provides accurate volumetric measurement of petroleum product.

HAVEN all types of quality machine tools for rolling, pressing, boring, drilling, forming, milling, shaping and turning.   We were so impressed we bought them for our own use.   HAVEN have an impressive sales record, selling their machine tools to some of the most discerning customers worldwide.

HEIL manufactures the best tanks in the world using Xral 728 up to 20% stronger than other grades of alloy.   Over 320 HEIL tanks are in service on New Zealand roads.

MANN TEK suppliers of dry disconnect couplings and swivels optimised for safe handling of liquid and vapour with minimum spill during connection and disconnection.

OPW nozzles for heavy-duty, high-flow bulk fuel delivery.

TOTAL CONTROL SYSTEMS manufacture the TCS700, the world's most accurate three piston reciprocating flow meter, and the TCS300 Electronic Register for vehicle delivery Flow Meters.

TRELOAR "7 Series" tank truck equipment including manways, vents, API bottom loading adaptors, tight fill elbows, product indicators, overfill protection and a range of adaptors, valves and couplings.